Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Hi! I’m Chess and I love to spend every second of my annual leave (and most weekends) exploring near and far. From the English countryside near my home to the far-flung corners of Asia – everywhere is ripe for a PG rated adventure.

So why PG rated? Well, while I enjoy the odd all-night party on the beach, most of my travelling is pretty tame by most 20-something standards and comprises lots of walking, sightseeing, and early nights!

I see travel as a huge privilege and I was lucky enough to travel for four months in 2012 through Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. I naively thought this trip would get the travelling bug ‘out of my system’ so I could carry on with important adult things like building my career. How wrong I was! The bug bit even harder and I realised that as soon as you’ve ticked one place ‘off the list’, at least two more are added on.

During that four months, I spoke to many young Vietnamese people while I was teaching English and they were amazed by how many places I’d seen in Vietnam. ‘You’ve seen more of my home country than I have’ they would tell me. This got me thinking that in teeny tiny England, I had barely been north of Watford (if you don’t know England, Google it – Watford is just north of London, which is in the south of the country). I vowed to visit more of my own country and I have now explored many places across the UK… and wow what a beautiful place it is. That trip also inspired me to seek adventures closer to my doorstep. With the rise of budget airlines and with most European cities a maximum of three hours away, I’ve now been to many destinations across Europe, and have become a huge fan of weekend city breaks.

I try to squeeze in as much travel as I can around my full time job. Sometimes I like the idea of spending a week on a beach to relax, but I know I would soon be bored. As Saint Augustine wisely said:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

Let’s journey together through the most exciting and eye opening book available to us: our amazing planet.

Beijing, China

Gili Air, Indonesia

Otres Beach, Cambodia