Bulgaria · Europe

Sunny Beach

Our journey from Borovets to Svleti Vlas (just north of Sunny Beach) was interesting to say the least! It was meant to take us around 4.5 hours but we had the worst weather ever for the first 2 hours, complete with golf ball size hail that everyone on the motorway had to stop for. We thought rocks we coming down from the skies (which effectively they were). However, once it had cleared up we were able to enjoy driving through the Bulgarian countryside. All the world’s sunflowers must be grown in Bulgaria as we drove past fields and fields of them for around 3 hours.

Once we arrived, we had a late lunch on the beach. The biggest surprise was the colour of the sea, it was such a beautiful azure blue, I couldn’t get over it every time I saw it over the next three days! As the weather was a bit sketchy and was due to be cloudy the following morning, we decided to go for a night out on Sunny Beach. We started in Bubbles beach bar, which was super fun. Great music, super cheap and, for once, yummy cocktails, meant that we easily drank and danced right on the beach for a few hours. I don’t know why but there’s something that makes me so happy dancing on the beach (and no it wasn’t the four cocktails), so I really enjoyed myself! We then made our way to a nightclub called Iceberg for a couple of hours, which also played really good music.

The next day we slept and rested until lunchtime waiting for the sun to appear. When it did, we went for a walk along the beach and after another beach side lunch we were able to sunbathe by the pool for a few hours, reading and listening to podcasts/ music. That evening we walked about 15 minutes up the road to a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea and watched the sun set.

On our final day, we were really lazy and had a full pool day, with a break for lunch by the sea. It was lovely to relax and make the most of the beautiful sunshine. In the evening, we had dinner in Svleti Vlas proper, around a 25 minute walk from our apartment followed by a walk to the marina and a drink on the beach, where we found some swinging sun beds that excited us way too much for our age.

This was a great stop for some rest and relaxation – and some partying on the beach! – but only really if you’re a pool person. While the ocean is the most incredible colour (did I mention that already?!) it was very cold (toes only from us but there were plenty of people in it) and unfortunately the beach is ruined by about a million sunbeds. You can’t really walk along the beach because there are so many. The nicest part of the beach that we found is up near Svleti Vlas marina, so head there if you are a beach person. Sunny Beach itself at night is a little bit sleazy but you just have to take it for what it is. We had a very fun night!

Shout out to Javs and Eddie for some of the photos.


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