Asia · Indonesia


Indonesia is such an incredible country. We only had 6 weeks to plan and book everything and didn’t really know much about it before we booked our flights. Once I started reading into it I quickly realised how diverse it is and just how much there is to see and do.

Having spent two weeks in Indonesia, I feel like we barely scratched the surface. There is such diversity with mountains, beaches, countryside, cities, spirituality, bustling towns… pretty much something for everyone! There’s also a real difference between Islam on Java, Hinduism in Bali, and Islam on Lombok and the Gili islands, which I wasn’t expecting to be so apparent.

What stood out above everything else was the generosity and kindness of the Indonesian people. I remember in Thailand that I started to get a bit jaded feeling like everyone is trying to rip you off. Unfortunately Simon and I started out with this perspective, but we soon realised that Indonesian people are just genuinely lovely and happy to help. Everyone seemed really laid back and friendly and we didn’t get hassled to buy things (the only time we came close to this was in Ubud with taxi drivers and market sellers, but they weren’t particularly persistent). So we loved meeting all our new Wayan friends!

I’m hoping we’ll go back to Indonesia at some point. I want to explore more of Lombok, another of the Gili islands, and the north of Bali. I also want to do more of Java and some of the other large islands such as Sumatra or Flores. Simon worked out that Indonesia is about five times the size of the UK so we’ll need quite a lot of time to explore it all!

Highlights – Chess: trekking Rinjani (amazing but never again!), rice paddies and rural life in Sidemen, yoga in Ubud, massages (everywhere!)

Highlights – Simon: snorkelling in Gili Air, exploring by scooter near Ubud, cooking class in Ubud.

Suksma, Bali. Terima kasih, Indonesia.


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