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Full Moon Party


Thursday 5 April 2012 is a day that will live in infamy amongst me and the girls. When we are 80, we will still turn round to each other and say ‘Do you remember that time we tried to get from Krabi to Koh Samui?’ We got up at 6.45am ready to check out and get the longboat up to the mainland at 8am. We knew the day was going to be a long one and were expecting to get one longboat, one bus/coach and one ferry and reach Samui at around 3-3.30pm. That’s not quite how it went: through the sand and water to get one longboat, two mini vans (with 30 minutes stops between each), quite literally thrown in the back of a truck (while our luggage was safely and comfortable stored inside the truck), a fight with an angry Thai lady who wanted us to pay more money to get the ferry we should have been on, one very cosy tuk tuk (with Eddie sharing the front seat with a Thai man who offered her his smoothie and cigarettes), a very old coach (wires hanging out of the ceiling and air conditioning dripping all over me and Hayley), one very delayed and full ferry, and one taxi with a small child to accompany us while his dad drove (he was so cute and made our day).


Eventually, 12 HOURS after we left Krabi we wearily wondered into Moon Hut Bungalows, Koh Samui. Although it was a very taxing day, we managed to keep our sense of humour throughout and found the whole thing really funny, minus me unfortunately losing my temper with the Thai woman. The owner of Moon Hut had accidentally overbooked and so unfortunately it was us that had to move from our tiny £10 per night bungalow… TO AN AMAZING HOUSE! It was just what we needed after our epic day.


We had long showers and got changed and watched some TV on the huge wide screen and then went for some dinner in the Moon Hut restaurant. After dinner we went for a walk along the beach looking for wifi, but it was so quiet. There wasn’t anything going on along the beach but Eddie saw a road that looked quite lively so we had a wonder down and it was buzzing. So this was where everyone was hiding! We each got a £1 street mojito and they were the best mojitos we had ever had. We then classily sat on the street and used free wifi from a dive shop. At 10.30pm we went back to the house, watched some TV and had an early-ish night.


Friday 6 April 2012 is another day that will live in infamy amongst me and the girls. The day was nothing special, it was quite cloudy and rained on and off so we spent our time on the beach, getting out of the rain and eating. At about 5ish the girls wanted massages so I went with them. The owner was very sweet and gave us water, tea and bananas and said she loved England, she was married to an English man but had never been herself. After we went for what we hoped would be a quick dinner as we were getting picked up for the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangnan at 8pm and still had to get ready. At 6.55pm Lizzie finally got her (burnt) pizza… Sods law this would be the slowest service we received all holiday!

We then made our way back to the very basic bungalows that we had moved into in the afternoon. We commented on how dark it was but because we had walked along the beach the night before we didn’t know how dark it would be walking along the road. When we got back – with 40 minutes for two people to shower, wash hair and get ready – we realised there was a power cut… Great! Out came the torch apps on our iPhones and we began to shower in the dark. Luckily it came back on after about 5 minutes and we were ready just as our ridiculously expensive (everything is about 5x more expensive at Full Moon) transfer arrived. It took about 25 minutes to get to the port, with as many people squeezed into the tuk tuk as possible. We were then once again squeezed on (me on Lizzie’s lap!) to the speedboat of death with a driver who clearly thought he was sitting in his bedroom playing a racing game. I’ve never seen someone move the steering wheel so much, we were thrown around all over the place… It was lucky we hadn’t had time to pre-drink!


We just about survived the 30 minute journey and then bought our wristbands and entered. First we bought the standard vest tops and neon paint and changed/began painting each other. We then got our first buckets of the night. Basically it was all downhill from there and we are the most rubbish people to have ever visited Full Moon! We painted too much, danced too much and drank too much which meant that we never actually made it up the beach. At 5.30am, after another ride on the speedboat of death, we got back to Moon Hut with one temporarily broken camera (Hayley), one temporarily very busted leg (Me), one temporary bout of amnesia (Lizzie aka 3.5 bucket Lizzie) and one temporarily changed person (Eddie aka rainbow Eddie). What an epic night.


It goes without saying that the next day was a write off. The girls were good and got up quite early but I didn’t emerge until 2pm! We got some lunch and unsuccessfully tried to get the what we found out was waterproof neon paint off and then Lizzie and Hayley napped while me and Eddie sat on the beach for a couple of hours and chatted. It was then dinner and an early bed all round.


Today I woke up to an even worse leg. I have no idea what happened. We think I might have whacked and scraped it getting on or off the boat. Anyway I won’t go in to details but basically I couldn’t walk! We had unsuccessfully tried to book a way to get to Bangkok on Saturday night but everything was full because most people leave the area after Full Moon. So the girls walked down to another travel agent with the hope that we would be able to get to Bangkok by any means possible tonight. Luckily there was an air conditioned coach and ferry that also included dinner and snacks for less than we were originally going to pay, result. They then went to the pharmacy and got me some bits to try and sort out my leg and also some snacks.


We spent the afternoon at the beach with piggy backs from Lizzie as my mode of transport. At 2ish we checked out of our room and made our way to the travel agent road to grab some lunch. Then at 4pm we got a minibus to the bus depot. We were very impressed with the big, comfy, reclining seats on the coach. At 6.20pm our ferry left Koh Samui, arriving back onto the mainland at 8pm. One toilet stop, one dinner stop, one cold and interrupted sleep and 12 hours later we rolled into Bangkok at 5am.


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