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On Tuesday, we made the lonnng trip back to KL. We got up at 6.35am, had our buffet breakfast and then got a taxi to the ferry port. One taxi, one photo with some random children, one ferry, one toilet stop, one petrol stop, one storm (lightening included), eight hours, 432km and countless songs later we arrived in Shah Alam just outside KL.


We were staying in a beautiful Holiday Inn with a golf course, no good to us practically but very pretty to look at. We had a lovely balcony room overlooking the course. As soon as we got there we changed into our swimming stuff and went down to the pool. As the hotel is primarily for golf and business, we shared the pool with one other lady for an hour and then had it all to ourselves. The landscaping, the layout and the service at the hotel all made it the perfect place for our last night.

After a shower and packing, we had a gorgeous buffet dinner in one of the hotel restaurants… It was epic! I had prawns and oysters to start, Waldorf salad, nachos, variety of vegetables with rice, seafood something (creamy sauce), round one of dessert, peppermint tea, round two of dessert. Talk about gluttony! But it was soooo good, everything was tasty.


This morning we once again had a really lovely buffet breakfast, I would go back to that particular hotel for the food alone! We then drove the car back to the car rental place and went into KL International Airport to try and sort out mums flight. She had a confirmation sheet saying her flight was Wednesday 28 at 15:00 (with a connecting flight Thursday 29 01:15) but her e-ticket said Thursday 29 at 15:00 (with a connecting flight Thursday 29 01:15). When we checked on the flight board… No flight! We then had to wait to speak to someone who worked for Saudi Air. At 11am, mum went up to the desk and was told that yes, the flight had changed to Thursday 29 and that she had two options: 1) stay overnight in KL and wait for the flight the following day 2) fly today but have a 17 hour stopover.

Needless to say mama wasn’t very happy about this and came back over to me a bit upset so I went up to the desk and, after receiving the same inadequate response, demanded to speak to someone who could actually find a productive solution… Suffice it to say mama was put on an Emirates flight and would arrive home only 30 minutes later than originally planned. How crazy to wait until someone turns up at the airport to tell them they either have to wait another day to fly OR have a 17 hour stopover without any previous attempts to contact that person. Anyway it all got sorted (with a meal voucher to boot). I then got the bus to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal and endured the chaos to eventually make it through check-in, passport checks and security where I am now sit waiting for my flight to Phuket.

Malaysia. I think I can speak on behalf of me AND mama when I say that we’ve loved it. We’ve been busy the whole time and managed to see a lot in the 12 days we had. I love the diversity of Malaysia: the very modern city, the gorgeous highlands, the developed island of Penang and the naturally impressive landscapes of Langkawi. We have been lucky that all the rain that keeps this country wonderfully lush and green has never affected us (we have either been driving or it’s been night) and we have been able to spend some of the time chilling out in the sun.

We have seen and done some great things. Highlights for me are: going up the KL Tower, seeing the highlands, going on the jet ski in Penang, and going on the cable car in Langkawi. Even though the final day of driving back to KL was a bit too much (more for mum, the driver, than for me) I have especially enjoyed driving up the west coast and back and really taking in Malaysia. After meeting all the wonderful people in Vietnam, it would have been a bonus to meet Malaysians who didn’t work in retail or in tourism so that we could learn more about Malaysian culture… But unfortunately time didn’t allow for that and anyway, the majority of people we did meet were very friendly and helpful. All in all, our mini adventure has been perfect.

Stay tuned for where Chess and mama road trip next…!


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