Asia · Vietnam

Hanoi part 1

Finally arrived in Hanoi early yesterday morning after what felt like the longest trip and the longest night EVER in Bangkok airport… I felt like Tom Hanks in ‘The Terminal’! Got to Hanoi and was so happy to finally get here, shocked that everything had gone so smoothly when… my luggage didn’t arrive with me! Got it back 24 hours later so feeling much better now. Travelling (and life) lesson: not everything goes to plan.


Everyone in the group is lovely and we’ve been staying in a nice hotel in Hanoi. Yesterday just slept, had dinner and went to night market and then today went to the ‘Sword Lake’ and the Temple of Literature, which was Vietnam’s first university opened in 1076. Turtles are Vietnam’s sacred animal so there were lots of turtle statues and legends. There’s also a legend about a turtle in the sacred lake who is 400 years old and if you see it then you’ll have good luck (we didn’t see it). I think the one thing I’ll always remember about Hanoi is the crazy traffic. Although there are 6m people in the city, I’m sure every moped in the world is in Hanoi!


Tonight getting an overnight sleeper train to Sapa in the north to trek for 5 days. No-one was prepared for the cold and have been buying coats and hoodies but Sapa is meant to be even colder – about 4 degrees!! Fingers crossed we’re warm enough…


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